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DracuLAND pan George W. Young

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  • DracuLAND
  • George W. Young
  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
  • ISBN: 9781951967000
  • Editeur: Celestial Echo Press
  • Date de parution: 2022

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Télécharger le format e-book pdf DracuLAND par George W. Young in French


New York City real estate mogul Elizabeth Astor buys Dracula's Castle in Romania to turn it into a themed amusement park. Not one of her better ideas.                                                                Construction begins but the groundbreaking frees the Nekredum, God's fallen angels, imprisoned long ago under the castle grounds after their expulsion from heaven. Suddenly workers disappear.
Equipment is mysteriously destroyed. Decomposed bodies appear. The usual stuff when the undead are awakened. The castle, actually called Poenari, is invaded one night by the Nekredum. They go on a quest to find Mors Aeterna, the Spike of the Draculs, a deadly Satanic talisman.             The Astors' security detail, along with the help of a freakishly large but loveable dog, repel the creatures and drive them from the castle.
But the Nekredum snatch Elizabeth during the fight.     RJ Brancatelli, the head of the security detail, suspects who the Nekredum are, and why they are searching for Mors Aeterna: If found by the Nekredum, the spike would unleash the armies of Satan on the world of mortals, signal the Second Coming, and end The Age of Man. But if a descendant of Vlad Dracul finds Mors Aeterna first, they would wield the power to destroy the Nekredum.
However, that line of the infamous Romanians died out long ago. Or did it?

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  • 1000 / 1000